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Sunshine Toyota Claim A Corolla Winner!

Posted: 14/11/2017

Claim A Corolla Competition on the Sunshine Coast

How much would you like to win a car? A lot? Well we made that dream come true for one lucky winner of our Claim A Corolla Competition with 92.7 MIXFM!

The Claim A Corolla Competition gave 80 listeners of 92.7MIXFM as well as 20 Sunshine Toyota customers a 1 in 100 chance of winning a Corolla. Amazing odds! All they had to do was either:

  1. Register online from the 92.7MIX website, listen to 92.7MIXFM to see if their name was called out and if it was call the station back to claim a spot in the competition, or
  2. Simply have visited the Sunshine Toyota Dealership and test drove a Corolla between October 2nd and November 6th.

Competition day at Sunshine Toyota on the Sunshine Coast

We had the competition at the Sunshine Toyota dealership on the morning of Saturday 11th November, Remembrance Day and it was even more memorable for one winner. Almost 100 competition entrants and their friends and family started arriving at 9am to register for their number of which they would be called up to see if their key fit the lock to win the Corolla. As the numbers grew, so did the excitement! Entrants waited until 10am for the competition to begin with music, a sausage sizzle (yum!), soft drinks and plenty of lollies and a few games of jenga to keep everyone buzzing.

As 10am drew near, the first 10 entrants were called up to line up on the red carpet and the crowed stood close waiting with excitement and suspense! As 92.7MIXFM crossed live to air to broadcast the first 10 entrants to pick their keys and try to unlock the lock, everyone was cheering but unfortunately, the first 10 entrants did not hold the lucky key! So after a quick break you could hear the crowd’s excitement rise as the competition became more real! The next 10 entrants went, but no one had the lucky key. As the following 10 and then the following 10 and then the next following 10 entrants tried and failed to unlock the lock, we had gone through 50 entrants! The Half way mark! Entrants now had 1 in 50 chance to have the key to win a Corolla, that’s crazy odds!  

Claim A Corolla Competition winner on the Sunshine Coast

Finally, after another break the next 10 entrants came and lined up on the red carpet for their chance to win. Entrant 51 picked her key but unfortunately, she did not unlock the lock. Entrant 52 then nervously attempted to unlock the lock…. AND SHE DID! Entrant 52 of the Claim A Corolla was now the lucky owner of a 2017 Corolla Ascent Sport Hatch worth $23,990!

Natalie, the winner, was in shock the moment we heard the lock click open! Her hands were shaking, as she was overwhelmed with excitement as the crowd was cheering and applauding. It was an exhilarating end to a fun morning at the Sunshine Toyota dealership. It turns out Natalie entered the competition by registering on 92.7MIXFM website and her name was called out on the radio but she didn’t call back in time to win a spot in the competition. So she registered again and was lucky enough to have her name called out for the second time! Clearly a lucky lady considering over 700 people registered!  

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