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5 Reasons why you need to download the MyToyota App

Posted: 22/10/2020
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Move over candy crush, there’s a new favourite app in town! It’s the free MyToyota app and the best part is that it’s available for both Android and Apple lovers!

Although you probably have a bunch of apps on your phone, you MUST make space for the MyToyota app. You won’t regret it; but don’t take our word for it. Here are five reasons why you NEED to have the MyToyota app on the Sunshine Coast.

Exclusive Fuel Discounts Through MyToyota Rewards

Everyone loves a good discount and with petrol prices going up and up; Toyota is rewarding their loyal guests who register on the app with a four cents a litre fuel discount, through participating Caltex stations!

The discounts don’t stop there, Toyota runs regular promotions where they offer an additional 4 cents a litre off your fuel. That’s 8 cents off per litre! To access this discount, download and register to the MyToyota app and make sure you keep an eye out for the next promotion!

Convenient Way to Book Your Toyota Service

We all know finding time to call and book a service can be a hassle but the MyToyota app makes it easy. Through the app you’re able to book or request a service at Sunshine Toyota at any time of the day!

If you’d like to know what to expect after you’ve booked your service at Sunshine Toyota, click here!

Easy Access to Your Toyota’s Information

The MyToyota App provides a simple and easy way for you to access all the information you need to know about your vehicle including:

  • Warranty Information
  • Recall Information
  • Digital Logbook
  • Service History and Schedule

Receive the Best Support on the Sunshine Coast

Forget googling the numbers to call and receive the Toyota support you need. The MyToyota app allows users to access your Toyota dealership’s contact information with the touch of a button.

Remember to search and save Sunshine Toyota as your preferred dealership for easy access to our details and contact information!

Access Amazing and Exclusive Travel Inspiration

We want you to feel good and create amazing memories when you drive in your Toyota … whether it’s a road trip to Rainbow Beach or an inland road trip, the Sunshine Coast has a lot to offer!

Guests who download the MyToyota app get exclusive access to the Toyota GoPlaces! Magazine; which will provide you with some inspiration for your next road trip!

If you’d like to know how to get your car travel ready, click here!

So, what are you waiting for?

Jump onto your phone and download the MyToyota App for free on Apple and Android app stores now.

The MyToyota app is only compatible with Toyota’s manufactured from 2001 onwards. If you want to take advantage of these exclusive offers, all Toyota cars at Sunshine Toyota are compatible! If you’re interested and looking for a new or used car, come in to chat with one of our sales consultants or book a test-drive today.

Just some of Sunshine Toyota on the Sunshine Coast's advantages:

  • Toyota Access
  • Toyota Genuine Parts
  • Toyota Certified Advantage
  • Toyota Insurance Advantage
  • Toyota Fleet Specialist