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5 personality types of Corolla drivers on the Sunshine Coast. Which one are you?

Posted: 10/10/2017

5 personality types of Corolla drivers on the Sunshine Coast.

Often when buying clothes we tend to stick to certain colours as our go to favourite, some like bright, some like dark and some like neutral to not stand out. Well just like clothes, new car buyers when having the option to pick what colour they want, will tend to go for the colour that matches their personality. So what colour are you?

Citrus Corollas are eccentric on the Sunshine Coast

Citrus is the brightest colour of Corollas and can only be owned by someone with a bright and maybe slightly eccentric personality to match.  There is no sense of taking yourself seriously and you definitely don’t car what others think. You take the day on with a truckload of energy and squish it into your corolla while you sing-along to your favourite classics, a little Abba perhaps because in your Corolla you are definitely a Dancing Queen! With you cup of tea you are ready to take on the day with a bright and cheerful smile!

Blue Corollas are bright on the Sunshine Coast

Blue reminds you of the happiness of seeing the sky peek through the clouds and the sun beaming on your face to remind you that it will be a beautiful day. And the owner of a blue Corolla definitely appreciates nature at its best. You are a happy person with a creative mind and love fun or crafty DIY projects on the weekend. You have a Spotify playlist with all of your favourite summer songs to blissfully chill out to while you cruise along to markets followed by a day at the beach. You always are up for long hikes or a warm day spent swimming at the waterfalls.

Silver Corollas are smart on the Sunshine Coast

Silver is the colour of a girl who likes to upkeep a smart, modern and professional appearance. You are innovative and practical so you like your car to be as well. You know all of the gadgets in your Corolla and are efficient at everything you do. You have your day pre-planed because you‘re an organisation queen and this is why everyone comes to you for party planning help! During the week you like to drive to work listening to entrepreneurial podcasts and have your clean meals prepared, but the weekend are a different story, it is all about letting your hair down with the top chart hits playing and making the most of girl time with a glass of wine of course!

Black Corollas are timeless on the Sunshine Coast

Black, like a black dress party is the timeless colour of sophistication and mystery. You’re a rule breaker and like to zip through the crowd unseen. Adventure is always on your mind and you do everything for the experience of it, if it doesn’t challenge you or bring joy to your life you simply don’t do it- life is short so you make the most of it. Even driving has be fun, you don’t like repetition so you will flick through all of the radio stations until you find the best song and if there isn’t one you like, then you will hit the Bluetooth and crank your own playlist. If it is the work week or weekend doesn’t make a huge difference to you because you always are seeking the most of life.

White Corollas are elegant on the Sunshine Coast

White is a pure colour and the owner of a white Corolla is kind, trustworthy and elegant. You work hard at everything as you definitely have a slight tendency to be a perfectionist, and why not? You’re good at it! You are technology savvy and have your phone connected to your Corolla as you Bluetooth lifestyle podcasts to and from work. You are motivated to achieve success but the meaning of success to you isn’t only a successful career, it is also having an easy and balanced life. You enjoy yoga on the weekends and time to relax so you are ready to glide through next week.

Corolla on the Sunshine Coast

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