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5 things first car owners will do this summer in their Yaris on the Sunshine Coast

Posted: 22/12/2017

New Yaris owners on the Sunshine Coast

School is done, summer is here and as Khalid would say it, you’re “young, dumb and broke”. Except you’re not dumb, you own a Yaris! And you have a million fun amazing plans for your first summer as a car owner. But fitting it all in will be the challenge! With public transport and lifts from your parents behind you, the summer activities will be endless! Macklemore was right about this being the “good old days”.

1. Take your Yaris for a girls day at Noosa on the Sunshine Coast

What kind of summer would is it if you didn’t spend at least one whole day in Noosa? Pack your Yaris with all of the beach essentials, get the playlist ready, connect to your Bluetooth and off you go for an early (but not too early) trip up to Hastings Street for a day of beach activities. Hire a stand up paddleboard and paddle around Noosa Main Beach, go for a walk around the Noosa National Park and obviously, go shopping! Perfect girls day! Swim, sun, and shop!

2. Take your Yaris to Kondalilla Falls on the Sunshine Coast

Kondalilla Falls the perfect summers day activity, except it’s in the middle of nowhere! But now, that isn’t a problem because you have your own wheels with satellite navigation so you won’t get lost! Make sure you pack your inflatable unicorn and flamingos and do not forget the waterproof speaker! While you’re jumping off the falls, floating around with your girlfriends and have the warmth of the summer sun beaming down on your face; get excited for what the rest of summer will bring thanks to your Yaris.               

3. Get active: climb one of the Glass House Mountains on the Sunshine Coast

Grab your runners, water bottle and “pump up” playlist because it’s time to get active, take on new challenges and new heights! Turn on cruise control as you drive up the highway and get ready to feel the adrenalin flow through you like you’re on top of the world.

4. Drive your Yaris for a day of shopping at Chermside

What’s the best thing about owning your first Yaris? You literally can go anywhere, whenever you want! And a girl’s day of shopping at Chermside is at the top of the list! Summer outfits, beauty products and why not get a manicure while your there? The thrill of filling the boot of your Yaris with all of the shopping bags is worth the sore arms from holding them all!

5. Drive your Yaris to the oceanfront saltwater swimming pool on the Sunshine Coast

Always wanted to go to the saltwater swimming pool you see on Bondi Rescue? Well, Kings Beach actually has one! So grab your girls and don’t tell them where you are going because you have the best surprise on the coast!

Yaris on the Sunshine Coast

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