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Australia's Favourite Vehicle just had a safety overhaul

Posted: 21/08/2019

Is the HiLux a safe vehicle?

Australia’s best selling vehicle, the Toyota HiLux is getting a major safety overhaul! The HiLux does it all, from the kids school run, to getting sandy up on North Shore, and now the unapologetically tough HiLux will have all the safety tech of a luxury passenger car as well! We didn’t think the unbreakable HiLux could get any better, but it has!

Read on to see the amazing upgrades to everyone’s favourite workhorse…

So, what are the new 2019 HiLux Safety features?

Well… EVERY HiLux in the range will be upgraded to have the Toyota Safety Sense! These new additions include:

  • Lane departure alert
  • High speed Active Cruise Control
  • Road Sign Assist
  • Pre-collision Safety System

As standard!

That’s right, no longer will only top of the range models have all the safety tech. You will find these in every HiLux WorkMate, SR, SR5, Rugged, Rugged X and Rouge!

Lets have a look at what these safety upgrades will mean for you.

HiLux keeps you in your lane with Lane Departure Alert

Highway driving becomes a breeze with lane departure alert.  The HiLux is so intelligent it knows when you have deviated from your lane. Not only that but HiLux will get your attention to help you correct it, with visual and audible alerts as well as steering wheel vibrations. If the car is not placed back in the lane, HiLux will now provide steering assistance via the braking system, keeping you and you passengers safe is the HiLux’s top priority

HiLux will keep you at the right speed with Active Cruise Control

Highway driving can be precarious, and keeping a steady speed and safe distance is difficult for any driver, but not for a HiLux.  Hilux, as standard now comes with high-speed Active Cruise Control! Active Cruise Control is the feature you can't live without once you try it, your HiLux uses a number of sensors to recognise the vehicle in front of you and autonomously maintain a safe distance while it slows down and speeds up for you. Not only is this safe, but also it’s convenient! HiLux knows that this isn’t appropriate in all driving conditions so will automatically disable below 40km/h.

The HiLux can read road signs with Road Sign Assist…

Yes, you read that correctly! When you're driving down a new road on the way to the worksite or from your place to a new beachside café sometimes road signs can fly by while we’re busy looking for street names. Never fear, HiLux is here! With the road sign assist system, HiLux is able to recognise speed limit signs and display them on your dashboard. When you go over, the road sign will appear red to alert you! Easy peasy! No more accidental speeding fines, HiLux has got your back.

How does the HiLux keep pedestrians and me safe with Pre-Collision Safety System?

Pedestrians and cyclists can be hard to spot at the best of times, let alone at night or during those early mornings. With the HiLux you can drive with peace of mind knowing that your car is working to keep others on the road safe just as much as its keeping you safe. Every HiLux now comes with camera and radar sensors that detect vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists around you.

Not only does your HiLux alert you of oncoming pedestrians, it will also alert you if your coming into a collision with another vehicle via audible and visual warnings, braking assistance or autonomous emergency braking. 

How safe is a HiLux on the highway?

Silly question really…  Not to gloat, but obviously the HiLux has a 5-Star ANCAP Safety Rating!

2019 HiLux Safety Upgrade at Sunshine Toyota, your local Toyota Dealer

The 2019 Toyota HiLux, in whatever grade is the ultimate workhorse, family adventure facilitator and comfortable passenger car; now safer than ever.

Check out our HiLux range, or book a test drive today!

If you would like to know more about the Toyota Hilux features, learn more here.

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