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HOT TIP! Alex & Phil's 5 Steps for Buying Your First Car

Posted: 6/01/2017

Our Used Vehicle Salesman Alex and our Used Vehicle Sales Manager Phil have some hot tips for you!

There are a few simple steps to take and things to remember that will make buying your first car so much easier.

1. Set your budget

Before you get out and hit the yard it is best to sit down and figure out exactly how much you can afford to spend. When looking at finance it is a good idea to look at figuring out a weekly budget, which should include things like your insurance and running costs.

2. Do your research

Once you have an idea of what where your finances sit, start taking notice of styles of cars that are driving about on the road. There is no point looking at hatchbacks if you really like the look of that sedan! The Internet can be a great source of information here too, but be wary if something is too good to be true, it probably is. Have a look at our used vehicles by clicking here. Things to keep in mind are things like safety rating, past history (whether it’s been in a crash/flooded/hail damaged).

3. Its time to hit the yard!

Either come down and see us or give the friendly Used Car Team a call on (07) 5493 3900 and we will be able to walk you through the different makes and models available as well as give you all the information you need to make an informed decision with finding the right car to fit your budget.

4. At the Dealership.

Once you’re feeling you have found the right car there are a few things you HAVE to do! You MUST take it for a spin! You won’t know if it is the right car for you unless you take it for a test drive (no matter how pretty it looks!). It is like a pair of shoes, you wouldn’t by them without trying them on first! While you are out on the test drive it is the perfect time to test things like how responsive the car is on acceleration, steering and to make sure there are no funny noises.

5. Peace of Mind.

All of Sunshine Toyota’s Used Cars come with a 3year or 175,000km Warranty, which is backed up with 2 AMAZING service locations at Currimundi and Sippy Downs. Depending on the age of the car it is also possible that remaining new car warranty will be passed on to you. All our cars have passed a PPSR Check, which means they will not be previously written-off, flood damaged or have someone else’s finance still over the car! All of the Used Cars at Sunshine Toyota have also been mechanically inspected and fully serviced by our team at our Pre-Delivery Centre before they hit our yard, so not only can you take great pride in knowing you are getting the BEST, we can too!

Congratulations! You have found your first car! It is time to take care of all the paperwork that involves agreeing on a price, your entitlements regarding statutory warranties and registering your new car in your name. Our Finance and Insurance team will also be able to walk you through applying for finance and also arm you with competitive quote from a variety of insurance companies

Happy driving guys. Alex & Phil.

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