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Have you kept up with new Queensland road rules?

Posted: 21/08/2018
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When you have been driving a car for a long time, you probably think you know all of the common road rules. However, some road rules may have changed since you went for your license. It would be unfortunate to be booked for a road rule you didn't know had changed or even worse, teach your teenager the wrong rules. Luckily, our friends from Right Turn Driving School gave us the low down on the new Queensland road rule changes.

Left turns on a single lane road ie. Two lanes - each travelling in opposite direction.

This rule has changed so that you no longer need to wait until the broken line to turn left. As per Queensland road rules:

You can cross a continuous white edge line and travel for up to 100m when you are:

  • entering or leaving a single lane road

  • turning at an intersection from a single lane road

  • stopping at the side of a road—unless signs or markings say not to.

  • If you are on a multi-lane road you should not cross any edge line before turning.

Stop signs                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Previously, a vehicle had to stop and wait for 3 seconds before progressing at a Stop sign. The road rule for Stop signs is now:

  • At a stop sign, you must come to a complete stop and obey the give way rules.

Yellow light                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Most drivers assume the Yellow light rule is to slow down and prepare to stop. The rule is:

  • At a yellow light, you must stop unless it is unsafe to do so.

If you have a teenager who about to start learning how to drive, it is definitely worth booking them in for driving lessons to ensure they are taught up to date Qld road rules. Ray and his instructors from Right Turn Driving School are passionate about helping adolescents become lifelong safe drivers. Visit the website for more information and bookings. 

Road rules are developed and enforced to ensure yours as well as other road users safety. If you're ever unsure of the rules, visit the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads website



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