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SAFETY MONTH: Top 5 Bad Driving Habits & How to Break Them

Posted: 20/11/2020
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We all like to think we’re good drivers but even the most experienced drivers can slip into bad habits when they’re comfortable on the road. We’ve compiled a list of bad driving habits (that you may or may not be guilty of) but don’t worry, we also have some tips to break them!

#1 Using your phone while driving

If a $1000 fine, 4 demerit points and the potential for a car accident sounds bad to you, it’s time to stop using your phone while driving! Distracted driving is a huge contributor to accidents every year and the introduction of mobile phone cameras has made catching perpetrators even easier.

If you can’t resist the sound of your message tone when driving, all you have to do is connect your phone to Bluetooth or plug it into your car and take advantage of Apple CarPlay or Android Auto this way you can stay connected without putting lives at risk!

We know not all cars have the luxury of Bluetooth or Apple Carplay so to break the habit turn your phone on silent or put it into do not disturb mode when you’re driving. If you still find yourself reaching for your device put it somewhere that you can’t reach.

#2 Tailgating

Ever found yourself driving and had someone come up WAY too close behind you? Annoying right? Tailgating is a dangerous habit that we’ve all either had to deal with or been guilty of! What you probably didn’t know is there are 2 types of tailgaters, the passive and the aggressive.

Passive tailgaters are drivers on autopilot, who might not even realise they’re doing it! Passive tailgating is an easy fix, all you have to do is concentrate and stay alert when you’re driving.

Aggressive tailgaters are usually in a rush it might be because they’re late or have an emergency (we’ll never know). If you have a habit of aggressively tailgating other drivers, trying to leave earlier and giving yourself time to arrive at your destination! Or you could try practicing some patience and overtake the car in front of you when it's SAFE to do so.

#3 Speeding

Driving over the speed limit is something that people tend to do regularly whether it’s on purpose or by accident. We all know it’s illegal to speed and you might not get a speeding ticket every time, but you are increasing your chance of a car accident.

If speeding is a habit you just can’t break try giving yourself more time to get where you need to be, that way you’ll stay calm, keep to the speed limit and always be on time! You can also utilise cruise control whenever you can this way you won’t start speeding absentmindedly.

#4 Not using an indicator 

Trust me if your car didn’t need indicators they wouldn’t be there! There are plenty of people on the roads that drive around assuming that everyone can predict where they’re going, WE CAN’T!

If you’re guilty of not using your signal, you can start taking advantage of them by learning when you need to use them and starting to use them. This way you’ll start to use your indicators habitually and everyone will be able to know exactly where you’re going!

#5 Not wearing a seatbelt

We all know wearing your seatbelt is super important whether you’re a driver or a passenger, but we think you’d be surprised by just how many people forget to buckle up (the introduction of seatbelt cameras says a lot about the issue)!

We get it, sometimes you might be distracted and start driving without even thinking about your seatbelt but as cheesy as it sounds seatbelts SAVE LIVES! So next time you’re in the car, listen! Most cars will signal that it's time to buckle up once the key is in the ignition! If your car doesn’t do this, leave yourself a written reminder that’s always on your dash or steering wheel!

Safety Month at Sunshine Toyota 

It's safety month here at Sunshine Toyota! Throughout this month we'll be sharing tricks and tips just like this to help you stay safe and ensure your vehicle is in top condition. 

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