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The Best Times of the Year to Buy a Car

Posted: 7/01/2021
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Let’s be honest, the best time to purchase a new car is any day of the year depending on when you want to buy! But if you’re trying to maximise your savings and look for savvy ways to help you grab the bargain you want then read on. We’ve listed the best times of the year to purchase a vehicle so you can take full advantage of dealership clearances.

1. Start of the Calendar Year

The start of the calendar year is a great time to buy a car! At the start of the year dealerships are trying to clear the previous year’s stock as quickly as possible which means you’re in for a great bargain if you’re willing to purchase last year’s stock.

This is the time of year that the best trade-ins are available, people are looking to upgrade their cars for newer plate models which means more trade-ins and more availability of pre-owned vehicles in stock.

2. End of the Calendar Year

The end of the calendar year is usually the time that dealerships have stock clearance sales. They’re looking to make room for the next year’s stock which means you’ll be able to grab a great deal on the current stock they have!

3.  End of Financial Year

End of financial year is often when retailers try and get rid of aging stock; it’s also the last change that manufacturers have to meet sales targets before the new financial year begins. This means that you’ll be able to get massive discounts on cars!

End of financial year is also a great time for businesses to purchase new vehicles, the government has been giving businesses tax incentives to buy new cars and during this time they are able to claim instant asset tax write-off and claim a deduction on their new purchase!

Whether you're car hunting for a business or a private purchase you can be sure that you'll find great deals at Sunshine Toyota all year round! Take a look at our current deals here.

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