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Top 3 4WD Tracks to Take your 70 Series Landcruiser

Posted: 10/03/2022
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With every grade and model type in the Landcruiser 70 Series range having 4WD ability, of course, the temptation to try every track on the coast is high! Read along to find out our Top 3 4WD tracks near the Sunshine Coast to get those tyres dirty.

Glasshouse Mountains

Just at our back door, Glasshouse Mountains is located under 30 minutes from our Currimundi dealership and has a 4wd track for everyone, yes that even includes 4WD amateurs, no one will miss out on the fun!

Alongside the jumps and bumps of the tracks, you will also be surrounded by rainforests, creeks, gorges, and stomach-churning steep inclines in a slosh of red dirt. What could be more fun than that?

Consider yourself a pro in this field? We dare you to try out their infamous ‘Big Red Track’, and yes, the name isn’t wrong its very red and very big so buckle in tight! This track is said to be one of the most challenging tracks in Queensland with Vehicle rollovers being common and ego’s being humbled. If you are anything like me and don't want to get your 70 series too dusty just yet, the powerlines Track is the one for you!

Pop that Landcruiser in 4WD and use the high and low range functions to help guide your way through these thrilling tracks.

Mapleton National Park

Following on from the Powerline Track at Glasshouse Mountains, if you’re looking for a smaller track to take that 70 Series on a Sunday afternoon joy ride, we recommend Mapleton National Park.

Whether you head down East Cedar Creek Road or take the Mapleton Forest Road route you are guaranteed to find an adventure. Heading south over these rocky roads will head you straight to the Mapleton Day-use Area perfect to crack open a coke and the ham and cheese sandwiches!

Otherwise, if you’re looking for more fun, heading north will take you to a refreshing swim in the Cooloolabin Dam and sensational views at Point Glorious Lookout.

Landcruiser 70 Series at Sunshine Toyota on the Sunshine Coast

Fraser Island

Now I am sure this one speaks for itself, but for the very few who haven’t stepped foot or should I say four-wheel driven through the golden sands of Fraser Island, you are missing out!

The world’s largest sand island holds adventures awaiting for all skill levels. Fraser is filled with numerous tracks to cater for any journey, the most infamous of tracks on the Island is easily the “75 Mile Beach” track. 105km long with an easy skill level, this track is perfect for a beach day adventure cruising along and taking in the scenery, of course, inclusive of a float down Eli Creek.

Looking for more of a challenge? Head down Woralie road through to the K’Gari turnoff plunging through the soft sand and taking on all the twists and turns this track has to offer!

Lancruiser 70 series on the Sunshine Coast at Sunshine Toyota

Your adventure awaits Sunny Coast, time to get in those Landcruisers and put them to the test on some of the best tracks on the Coast! To check out our range of 70 series and join on all the fun click the button below.


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