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Which SUV is right for my family?

Posted: 10/07/2019


Choosing the right SUV for you family can be hard and there are so many things to consider… Like, is your family still growing? How much room will the kids need in the way of car seats? Or how much room will you need to transport family members, sporting equipment or (very importantly) furry friends.

We know it’s a hard decision! So the Mums and Dads out there… we’ve made this especially for you! Read on to find your perfect-fit SUV

Let us introduce our competitors for your family car:

The All-New Toyota RAV4 vs. The Toyota Kluger

Why the All New RAV4 is the perfect family car:

This SUV is city sleek styling meets Sundays at the beach, the RAV is not just a pretty face though! This SUV is packed with safety features and all the latest tech that you will LOVE!
Lets check out some of the standouts:

  • 8” colour touch screen display with Siri Eyes Free and Toyota Link
  • Reversing camera with fixed guidelines
  • Hill-start assist
  • Rain sensing wipes
  • Automatic headlamps
  • Rear Cross Traffic Alert
  • Blind spot monitor

This SUV is the ideal small family car for those who love a day at the beach, are tech savvy and need their car to be too and want a stylish compact car to cruise around the Sunshine Coast in.

Let us paint you a picture… A RAV4’s perfect Sunday:

Mum and Dad head to the grandparents place to pick up the 2 little ones from their sleep over. Two eager faces jump in the car and spy their scooters and a picnic basket… Yay! To the park we go! The kids connect their iPods to the car’s Bluetooth and start blasting the Frozen sound track… for the 100th time!! At the end of very successful scooter trek day the family, with their hands full of snacks and scooters, head back to the car. Mum can’t find the keys in her bag but the car door unlocks anyway thanks to Smart Entry. The kids are loaded up thankfully with the touch of a button, the boot opens and all the days’ activities are unloaded. Mum drives home and feels a touch tired, but she knows she’ll get her family home safe with the helping hand of Active Cruise Control to safely set up the speed and distance between her and the car in front. As the sun starts to set the RAV 4 turns on its headlights automatically and the family cruise on home for a delish Sunday roast!

But wait! The Kluger has a lot to offer as well!

Why the Toyota Kluger is the best family car:

This is the big Mamma of SUVs, space will never be an issue with this powerful Toyota. Two extra flip seats hidden in the boot make room for the kids’ friends and comfy spot for the family dog who loves to go cruising on the weekend… except to to the vet!
This car has loads of storage and has luxurious amounts of space everywhere, but that’s not the only reason we love it, oh yes there’s much more to come!

The Toyota Kluger’s fabulous features:

  • 8 speed automatic transmission
  • A whooping 72 litre fuel tank capacity
  • Reversing camera
  • Rear parking cameras
  • Automatic high beam
  • Third row air vents

Now lets set the scene…

The Kluger’s favourite Sunday is filled with family and friends! You load up the car with the kids and their friends; the dog, the beach cricket set and the two Stand Up Paddle Boards on the roof. The kids get unloaded first and next are the Stand Up Paddle Boards, you whip out the esky from the boot and the kids and their friends grab their togs and beach bags as the snags hit the BBQ at the ocean area you discovered last weekend. At the end of the day a very tired couple of kids jump in the back seat and the dog falls asleep in the extra seating in the back. On the way home the kids friends are dropped off and the drive home is so cruisy that all the passengers go to sleep, Kluger keeps purring on, a day loaded up in the sun with the family is a Kluger’s favourite type of day!

The consensus!

What we’re looking at here is space vs tech and while we love both and don’t think that either SUV is lacking in any area what so ever… the RAV does have more tech features, and the Kluger is better for the growing family with a need, a need for space [😉]

So that’s our definitive answer …. It depends…
The best car for you totally depends on what you’re looking for and your lifestyle and family needs!
The best way to see which SUV fits your family, is to bring the family down to Sunshine Toyota, your local Sunshine Coast Toyota dealer and have them all pile into both and you’ll know straight away whether the RAV has enough space for the growing family, or perhaps your looking for a few more tech upgrades than what the Kluger can offer you!

Still want more time to search online before you come in and see us?

Sunshine Toyota has an amazing range of vehicles, including the family friendly Kluger and RAV 4!

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