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Why buy a DEMO car?

Posted: 10/01/2020
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We are here to tell you the benefits of buying a demo vehicle!

#1 Demo cars are budget-friendly

Demo cars are cheaper than buying your car new (sometimes considerably cheaper) but why are they so cheap?

Demo cars are brand new cars that have been used as our drive cars this means that guests and staff have test-driven in these vehicles. As they have spent time on the road, their price is reduced to reflect that!

Basically, demo vehicles are registered cars you see in dealership showrooms and these demos can be undriven or have as little as 10km on them!

Essentially, you’re buying yourself a brand new car that has been significantly discounted!

#2 Demo cars are ready to drive away

Demo cars are already registered (they have a number plate). This means there is less of a wait for delivery, as the dealership doesn’t need time to register your vehicle.

Demo cars are already readily available at the dealership which means you don’t need to wait for your car to be shipped in! This also accelerates the delivery process.

When buying a demo car, we can get you on the road sooner!

#3 Demo cars are kept in great condition

Demo cars are driven by dealership executives, staff and guests which means are dealership is on show every time we drive one! So we keep our demo cars in pristine condition both cosmetically and mechanically. Our demo cars are detailed and washed constantly so when they are driven and guests drive them, they look great!

Demo cars are used as test-drive vehicles by guests but at Sunshine Toyota all test-drives are taken with one of our Sales Consultants; so, there is no opportunity for the demo vehicle to be 'flogged' or inappropriately driven.

Our demo cars are locked up in a gated facility with constant CCTV surveillance to ensure that our cars are stored in a safe place and to ensure their great condition is maintained.

#4 Demo cars have low kms

You can buy demo cars that have been undriven or have as low as 2000km on them! When the average yearly drive is approx. 15,000km,that is roughly 1 month’s wear!

Bargain demo deals don’t, and won’t last long! Make sure you secure yours today!

#5 Demo Cars are brand new!

Worried about your demo not feeling like a brand new car? Don’t!

Demo cars can still give you that NEW CAR feeling that you’re looking for because these cars are BRAND NEW cars! If you get a demo vehicle you will have gotten yourself an amazing deal on a brand new car that has been driven a handful of times and in some cases, hasn’t been driven at all!

Demo Cars at Sunshine Toyota!

We are having a massive Demo clearance there is stock that has to go! Now is the time to come on down to Sunshine Toyota, your local Sunshine Coast Toyota dealership to check out our Demo Deals! Already know you’re ready to get a demo deal? Click here to make an enquiry!

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