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Why the All New 2018 Prado brings Rugged Elegance to the Sunshine Coast

Posted: 18/12/2017

Why the All New 2018 Prado brings Rugged Elegance to the Sunshine Coast

Imagine the feeling of being unstoppable, being able to go anywhere and look like an absolute jaw dropping showstopper while you do it. Some minds may have drifted to James Bond, but we are not talking about Bond, James Bond. We are talking about the 2018 Prado, which is the true definition of Rugged Elegance.

Prado, the perfect vehicle for off road adventures on the Sunshine Coast

A day of off road adventures around the Glass House Mountains is like a play in the park for the new 2018 Prado, except no one will be going home with broken arms or sore heads. This is because the Prado’s Adaptive Variable Suspension system absorbs the shock to make your drive as smooth as butter. So when you go from cruising from the Highway onto rough terrain it almost feels like you never left the bitumen, compared to being thrown about like in most other vehicles. You don’t even need to engage 4WD to climb tracks that your own body you would struggle with. Like Bond, the Prado doesn’t stop when it’s tired; it stops when it’s done. And the Prado isn’t done until you are.

Prado, making four-wheel-driving a breeze on the Sunshine Coast

Having to manoeuvre around tight awkward tracks has never been an easy task when driving larger SUVs. When four-wheel-driving along narrow trails that don’t really look like they should be driven on, the dreaded scrape along the body or knock of the bottom bumper, often can’t be avoided. Don’t worry; we’ve all done it. But don’t make this a reason to keep your Prado on the bitumen, use it to it’s full potential, get it muddy.

Features of the Prado that make combating these complex tracks an absolute breeze include:

  • Panoramic monitor
  • Multi terrain monitor
  • Front and rear sensors
  • Reversing camera

So make the most of having a vehicle that can easily negotiate hills and gullies, washouts and creek crossings without breaking a sweat.

Prado, made for weekends up the beach on the Sunshine Coast

But it isn’t all about exploring Rocky Mountains and muddy tracks. Cruising up the beach for a weekend of camping is another bonus of the Prado, it practically does all the work for you. With the Prado’s flexible seating allowing you to fit equipment of all shapes and sizes, you have the comfort of a luxury SUV with the space and convenience as if you were driving a Ute. No need to leave the boards or Webber at home, you’ll fit it all in. And once again the Prado’s suspension will save the day by not frothing your beers or breaking the eggs for your morning BBQ.

Prado on the Sunshine Coast

The New 2018 Prado is a perfect vehicle for four-wheel-driving on the Sunshine Coast! But before you take your Prado up the beach, don't forget to rust proof! Click here to find out more about rust proofing your vehicle. If you would like to chat to one of our team about becoming a Prado owner simply follow this link to test-drive today. If you would like to check out Sunshine Toyota’s current Prado stock, click here.

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