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  • Charge times:
    AC charging: Approx. 7 hours to reach 100% charge from 10% charge[G65]
    DC charging: Approx. 60 minutes to reach 100% charge from 10% charge[G65]
  • Max torque: 266Nm
  • Drivetrain: Front-Wheel Drive
  • Charging cables: Mode 2 and Mode 3
  • Dimensions and weight (approximate)[H1][H8]:
    Length: 4690mm / width: 1860mm / height: 1650mm
    Wheelbase: 2850 mm
    Total gross weight: 2465kg
    Cargo capacity: 421L


  • Charge times:
    AC charging: Approx. 7 hours to reach 100% charge from 10% charge[G65]
    DC charging: Approx. 60 minutes to reach 100% charge from 10% charge[G65]
  • Max torque: 337Nm
  • Drivetrain: all-Wheel Drive
  • Charging cables: Mode 2 and Mode 3
  • Dimensions and weight (approximate)[H1][H8]:
    Length: 4690mm / width: 1860mm / height:


Begin each day powered and ready with the All-Electric
Toyota bZ4X, brought to you by the pioneers of Hybrid
electrification. Reliability now comes fully charged.


Room to move

A wide-cabin design and impressive leg room provide a spacious interior with up to 421L of cargo space.

Geared for adventure

With dual EV motors and an AWD powertrain, the top grade offers enhanced traction with X-Mode and Grip Control for intuitive off-road performance.

Universal charging

Mode 2 and Mode 3 charging cables comes standard, with convenient home charging options available (additional costs apply).

A world on wheels

A purposeful design makes the Toyota bZ4X more than just a means to
travel between your worlds – it’s an extension of them.

Spacious comfort

Take a deep breath and appreciate the larger SUV cabin size and cargo area, made possible by a longer wheelbase in the EV platform. Exhale and envision how it’s little things like these that make long road trips more relaxing.

Style for miles

With its new ‘hammerhead’ facade, all-new lighting package and sleek yet robust exterior, the Toyota bZ4X cuts a distinctive silhouette. Two-tone paint options, a panoramic roof and aerodynamic rear spoiler further enhance the All-Wheel Drive.



Easy charge, easy go.

Cables are included with your Toyota bZ4X. Compatible with high-output
chargers Australia-wide to help make charging effortless.

Home charger

Approx. 90 minutes for up to 100km range (NEDC)[G65]
Approx. 7 hours for full charge from 10% charge

Mode 2 charging cable included (5 metres, standard home powerpoint).
Wall-mounted home fast charger available via JET Charge[C11] at an additional cost[M1].

Public fast charger

Approx. 13 minutes for up to 100km range (NEDC)[G65]
Approx. 60 minutes for full charge from 10% charge[G65]

Mode 3 charging cable included for public AC charging.
Compatible with any dedicated public fast-chargers across Australia.

Intuition is second nature

The Toyota bZ4X comes with all the convenience and technology befitting of
Toyota’s first All-Electric vehicle. The multi-instrument display is placed to
mimic a head-up display and is designed to help keep your eyes on the
road, with manual toggles for intuitive operation.


12.3" colour touchscreen display

A large multimedia display for better navigation and effortless control in both grades. Enjoy seamless smartphone collaboration through Wireless Android Auto™[C13] and Apple CarPlay®[C12].

Enhanced voice recognition

Connected Voice Assist allows simple and intuitive control of your connected features including navigation[CS14]. A personalised experience every time you get behind the wheel.

Intelligent Park Assist

Intelligent Park Assist[S1] in the bZ4X AWD uses panoramic view monitors and ultrasonic sensors to give you a friendly steer when parking your vehicle.

Toyota Connected Services

Owning a Toyota should be easy, enjoyable and safe. That’s why select new Connected Toyota vehicles are equipped with convenient remote features, sophisticated navigation, advanced multimedia technology as well as safety and security features that keep you in touch with help when you need it[CS14].



Responsive handling

Backed by over two decades of innovation in Hybrid electrification and
engineered to perform, the Toyota bZ4X is reassuringly ready – for the roads
you know and the places you’ve yet to explore.

Off-road ready

With an upsized 160kW of power and 337Nm of torque from its dual EV motors, the top grade AWD exceeds expectations with X-Mode and Grip Control for intuitive off-road performance.

Tranquil interior

Whether it’s social time, family time or time that is just for you, quiet electric motors and sound-proofed materials, including an upholstered dashboard panel, make for a relaxing cabin atmosphere.

Quick off the mark

Experience instant, smooth and lag-free power delivery. The EV motor generates maximum torque from a complete stand-still, making every acceleration a small thrill.

Structurally sound

Developed with a dedicated battery electric vehicle platform, e-TNGA, for greater rigidity and a low centre of gravity for improved handling and stability.

Drive up to 535km (FWD) on a single charge[G66]

The open road is calling with an NEDC test range of 535km for the FWD[G66] and 485km for the AWD[G67], and an WLTP test range of 436km for the FWD[G66] and 411km for the AWD[G67].


Safety for the road ahead

The Toyota bZ4X is equipped with the latest Toyota Safety Sense technology,
a sophisticated suite of safety and security features designed to help protect
you and your passengers[S1].


All images indicative only and not to scale.

Pre-Collision Safety System & Emergency Driver Stop System[S1]

The Pre-Collision Safety System is designed to detect potential hazards and may help avoid or reduce the impact of a potential collision. If the Emergency Driver Stop System determines that there is a high possibility of a collision, it can warn the driver and forcibly apply the brakes.

Lane Departure Alert & Lane Trace Assist

Working together to keep you securely on track, Lane Departure Alert and Lane Trace Assist are safety features that offer proactive steering support and audible alerts to help make lane changes smooth and reduce the risk of collision[S1].

Battery safety for your peace-of-mind

The 71.4 kWh Lithium-Ion Battery in the Toyota bZ4X is designed for safety first. Batteries are rigorously tested through a proven production process, with a unique design that includes multiple monitoring systems.


Toyota Australia is proud to announce the launch of its first battery electric vehicle (BEV): the bZ4X.
The bZ4X will display a blue circle icon badge on the vehicle.


The bZ4X will be the first vehicle which will display a blue icon badge but
not all future vehicles displaying the blue icon will be BEVs. You may see this
progressively roll out to a range of select powertrains across the Toyota
Australia portfolio in months to come.

Toyota is a large global company operating in over 200 countries. Just as
each of our customers has different needs, each market will have different
needs and therefore different initiatives. This means that the blue icon may
mean different things in different markets.

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