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The GR Yaris is a game-changer. The ultimate in a pure-bred performance hot hatch, with a staggering power-to-weight ratio that will redefine your levels of excitement


The GR Yaris Rallye takes it to the next level with GR high-performance suspension, forged alloy wheels and Torsen®[C11]Limited Slip Differentials


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A family resemblance

The GR Yaris reflects its WRC lineage from its silhouette all the way down to the smallest detail.

Aerodynamic styling

A lower roofline, an aggressive coupe profile and a muscular rear wing all hint at the surefooted performance of this rally bred vehicle.

Driver focused interiors

Specialised sports seats, a sports steering wheel and short throw gear shifter were all created for pure driving focus.

Piano black highlights

The sculpted body is punctuated by glossy black trim that both contrasts and compliments the spartan form of the GR Yaris.



Made for the driver

The modern rally car is filled with highly advanced technology designed to give the driver and co-driver a winning advantage. Inside the GR Yaris you’ll find technology designed to make driving more enjoyable.

Apple CarPlay®[C14] and Android Auto™[C14]

With either Apple Carplay® or Android Auto™ as your co-driver you’ll be able to access navigation, music, and your contacts through the colour touchscreen or via voice commands. Speak to one of our team members about device compatibility.

JBL®[C8] speakers

A high performance car deserves audio like this JBL® 8 speaker system. It delivers perfect clarity thanks to a high powered amplifier and advanced audio processing.

Active noise control

Choose a quiet drive or stay in tune with the engine, thanks to noise cancelling technology and the ability to adjust how much engine noise reaches the cabin.



Built from the ground up

A new and dedicated chassis, a whole new suspension system and the rebirth of the GR-FOUR AWD system were the starting point for this lightweight powerhouse. Every detail, from engine placement to the use of specialty materials was carefully considered in the quest for optimal performance.

1.6L Turbo Engine

The GR Yaris’ 1.6L 3 cylinder engine produces 200kW and 370Nm thanks to motorsport engineered parts and components.


A homage to the championship winning Celica GT-Four, this is an advanced All-Wheel-Drive system that even allows you to adjust the front-rear ratio using Normal, Sport and Track modes.

Intelligent 6 speed manual

Purpose built to handle high power and torque, this race ready gearbox features smart technology that matches revs to ensure smoother downshifts.

18-inch wheels

These lightweight dark alloys hold wide, low-profile specialty rubber.

Performance braking

With 356mm grooved front discs and four-pot callipers, these brakes are engineered to perform under extreme heat and high speeds.

Rear double wishbone suspension

Built in tandem with its specialty chassis, the suspension system remains perfectly poised on every surface.




High performance protection

The speed, conditions and remoteness of a rally stage means ensuring safety is no simple task. Yet, safety has always been the number one priority. The GR Yaris was created with the same dedication to safety, with several Toyota Safety Sense technologies[S1].

Pre Collision System

This advanced system is designed to detect other vehicles and pedestrians as well as cyclists during daylight, and can even help monitor complex situations like an intersection. The GR Yaris is designed to warn the driver of an imminent collision and even apply the brakes to help minimise or avoid impact[S1].

Active Cruise Control

Active Cruise Control is designed to keep the GR Yaris at a pre-selected speed, automatically accelerating and decelerating with the traffic in front[S1].

Lane Trace Assist

Ideal for highway driving, Lane Trace Assist (LTA) works with Active Cruise Control (ACC) and is designed to keep the GR Yaris in position, by applying extra steering support and sounding an audible alert[S1].

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