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4 Wheel Drive vs All-Wheel Drive and what is the difference?

Posted: 21/08/2019

4 Wheel Drive vs All-Wheel Drive:

Which One Suits Your Lifestyle on the Sunshine Coast?

Ever wondered about the difference between All-Wheel Drive and 4 Wheel Drive? Too scared to ask? Well, the good news is that you’re not the only one and we’re here to answer your burning questions.  

It’s commonly thought that a 4WD and an AWD vehicle are the exact same thing – this is not the case! In fact, there are many distinct differences. Keep reading to find out which car best suits your lifestyle on the Sunshine Coast roads and beaches.

4 Wheel Driving on the Sunshine Coast

Imagine off-roading, sandy beaches and unpaved wilderness; a 4X4 vehicle can handle it all.  The 4X4 mode is not on all the time and can be engaged usually with a push of a button. You can trust that a 4X4 vehicle will always be up for the challenge of handling uneven roads as it allows power to be distributed evenly across the back and front wheels.

What can a 4X4 do on the Sunshine Coast?

A 4X4 vehicle can drive in low and high range gears. Low range is typically for serious off-roading or when travelling through extremely slippery, muddy roads or sandy beaches while high range can be used for sealed roads and normal driving conditions. However, be careful! If the car is kept in low range during normal driving conditions it could be potentially dangerous and cause accidents.

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All-Wheel Driving on the Sunshine Coast

If you’re travelling longer and more frequently especially in the wet season then an All Wheel Drive is meant for you.  AWD is a permanently engaged system, usually found in models such as C-HR, RAV4 and Kluger.

What can an AWD do on the Sunshine Coast?

An AWD vehicle adapts to any weather and road condition meaning that it can engage without human interaction in unexpected situations where the road may be slippery and immediate action is required. When twice the amount of traction is applied to get out of a dangerous situation, this split second could be the difference between life and death!

4 Wheel Driving and All-Wheel Driving on the Sunshine Coast

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