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7 Vehicle Checks to get you road-trip ready

Posted: 9/06/2020

Planning a road trip is a great way to take advantage of easing travel restrictions. Restrictions have meant that it’s probably been a while since your vehicle has been on a long drive. So, before you hit the road it’ll be worthwhile having your vehicle checked to ensure it’s in peak condition. There’s nothing that takes the fun out of a road trip more than a vehicle breakdown. To avoid any bumps in the road, we’ve got a list of seven checks your vehicle should have before you head off!

#1 Battery Test

Your vehicle’s battery is an extremely important component when it comes to starting your car. Checking your battery could mean the difference between a smooth ride and becoming stranded on the road. Even if your battery is fairly new, it’s always worth the check to provide you with peace of mind.

#2 Check and adjust tyre pressures

Checking your tyre pressure is essential to maintaining great tyre condition and increasing road safety. Vehicle handling, cornering, acceleration and braking are all at risk when tyres are not inflated to the correct pressure. Tyre wear is also increased when not inflated to the correct pressure.

#3 Check tyre condition

Checking your tyre condition is one of the most important vehicle safety checks. After all, your tyres are the point of contact between your car and the road. Inspecting your tyre’s exterior for damage such as bulging, cuts or tears and monitoring the tyre tread and valves all contribute to maintaining great tyre condition on your vehicle.

#4 Underbody inspection

Over time vehicle wear and tear is inevitable however, regular underbody inspections can slow the wear and tear process and ensure that your vehicle is safe and reliable throughout its lifetime.

#5 Inspect under bonnet fluids and report

Maintaining under bonnet fluids including oil, coolant and brake fluid is essential to keeping your car engine running! The last thing you need on a road trip is your car breaking down because its fluids were running low.

#6 Brake pad and disc inspection

Good brakes are important when it comes to road safety. Your brakes are responsible for stopping your car to avoid collisions and keeping your car stationery. Brake pads and disc wear over time so inspecting them regularly will help you diagnose problems before it becomes unsafe!  

#7 Wheel alignment check and report

Misaligned wheels can cause unnecessary wear on your tyres, steering suspension and breaks. Your wheels angles can change over time for various reasons from the condition of a road to your own driving habits. Checking and maintaining a proper wheel alignment will maximise your tyre’s life and improve your vehicle’s overall handling.

If you’re planning to road trip intrastate these holidays, these checks will ensure your vehicle is at its best! If it has been a while since your vehicle has been on a long trip or since it has had any of these checks, contact our service department, here and our Toyota certified technicians can ensure your vehicle is in great condition before you hit the road!

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