Everything You Need To Know About Rust-Proofing

Everything You Need To Know About Rust-Proofing

Posted: 13/04/2023
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Have you ever wondered if rust-proofing is really necessary and how it actually works? Well read on to learn all there is to know and to understand why the team here at Sunshine Toyota strongly recommend rust-proofing on your Toyota.

Do you need rust-proofing?

There are many aspects which need to be considered when deciding to apply rust-proofing systems to your vehicle. The first being the lifespan of your vehicle, if you wish to own and drive your car past its warranty, Dealerships would recommend the rust-proofing treatments be applied. Rust-proofing systems protect your car from the harsh environment of Australia. Location and use of the vehicle are key factors to consider when rust-proofing your vehicle. Australia’s environment is humid, moist, and most importantly for those living on the coast, salty. These factors must be taken into consideration for your vehicle. If you are choosing to take your 4x4 up the beach, we recommend rust-proofing systems. Spray from the salt and the corrosive abilities of sand and saltwater combo, means your vehicle may become more susceptible to internal rust. 

Rust-Proofing at Sunshine Toyota on the lake at Currimundi

Benefits for Rust-proofing 

Most importantly rust-proofing systems protect your vehicle from rust! Rust Proofing not only protects the vehicle from internal rust, but also helps to ensure the future value of the vehicle, if you decide to trade in or sell privately. These systems aid in protecting the structural integrity of the vehicle. Whether it be an underbody spray or a full 360 degree protection, the lifespan of your vehicle is important, particularly in the Australian environment. 

Rust-Proofing at Sunshine Toyota on the lake at Currimundi

What is Rust-proofing, and how can I get it?

Sunshine Toyota offers rust-proofing systems that can be applied before or after delivery. The first is the Electronic Rust Proofing System which are two pads about the size of your mobile phone which sit under the bonnet of your vehicle. This protects all of the upper painted panels from internal rust. The second rust-proofing system is an Underbody Spray which is a tinted-black spray that is applied to the underneath of the vehicle. This protects your chassis rail and your sills. Combined both treatments give your vehicles full 360-degree protection. 

Rust-Proofing at Sunshine Toyota on the lake at Currimundi

Sunshine Toyota Service offers free annual inspections on your rust-proofing systems AND brand new Toyotas have a lifetime warranty Australia-wide. So, if you’ve been contemplating getting your vehicle rust-proofed give us a call or click the link below to book in at Sunshine Toyota. 

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