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LandCruiser owners: Are they the smartest car owners on the Sunshine Coast?

Posted: 27/09/2017
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Australians love their LandCruisers more than any other country!

The LandCruiser’s incomparable reputation in Australia goes back to the 1950s when Sir Leslie Thiess bought several LandCruisers to use on the rocky construction trails of the Snowy Mountains. And since then, Australian’s have proven to love LandCruisers more than anyone by purchasing more new Toyota LandCruisers than any other nation. Amazing right! Aussies have purchased over 700,000 LandCruisers! This accounts for 10% of LandCruisers sold worldwide since it’s birth 63 years ago! From the Australian outback explorer, cattlemen or even the city and suburban families; it’s their vehicle of choice for good reason!

LandCruiser is a common sight in the toughest conditions of both regional and remote areas of Australia. They are also a regular sight in urban areas as it is a top choice for large families with its impressive seating of up to eight people giving the kids so much room for activities!

Why you should consider a LandCruiser 200 on the Sunshine Coast

LandCruisers are the King of the roads, on or off, and are ready to tackle any obstacle on the Sunshine Coast! They are equipped with extensive modern safety features, adding to the traditional quality, durability and reliability that have distinguished the great Toyota LandCruiser brand over 60 years! But the LandCruiser is more than a tough 4x4, the interior is spacious and luxury so you don’t feel like you are driving an ordinary 4x4.

LandCruiser: The Smart Choice

Some of the key features that make the LandCruiser as prestigious is it is, include:

  • Keyless smart entry, smart start
  • Integrated satellite navigation
  • IPod, Bluetooth, USB connectivity
  • Steering wheel controls
  • Cruise control
  • Reversing camera
  • Park assist
  • Vehicle stability control
  • Multi-Terrain anti-lock breaking
  • 10 SRS airbags
  • Fuel tank capacity of 138L
  • Towing capacity of up to 3,500kgs
  • And so much more!

Great resale value of LandCruiser 200 range on the Sunshine Coast

Due to the incomparable reputation of the LandCruiser, they have THE best resale value after a three year period or 60,000km! This has stemmed from the limited number of people who are able to purchase a brand new LandCruiser (we know they aren’t the cheapest of vehicles), which increases the demand for a pre-owned LandCruiser significantly. So, after owning your beloved LandCruiser for a few years, it will have much less depreciation in comparison to other vehicles! This makes LandCruiser owners the smartest vehcile owners on the Sunshine Coast!

Looking to sell or upgrade your LandCruiser on the Sunshine Coast?

Due to the high demand for pre-owned LandCruisers, we are looking to buy pre-owned LandCruisers in good condition for great trade in prices! If you are looking to sell your LandCruiser click here to visit our website or to upgrade to one of the current LandCruiser 200 range click here to see our lastest range or come into Sunshine Toyota today! 

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