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Myth busting Hybrid vehicles! How many did you get wrong?

Posted: 16/04/2019

In an age of trying to reduce our carbon footprint and trying to live a greener life, naturally, there has been a lot of hype around Hybrid cars. But there has also been a lot of misconceptions about Hybrid so we want to clear that up! Buckle up because we are about to break through the Hybrid myths!

Myth #1: Hybrid cars need to be plugged in.

Come on… If you still think hybrid cars need to be plugged in, you must really be living under a rock! This is completely false and you are probably confused between Hybrid and electric cars. Unlike an electric car, a Hybrid car does not need to be plugged into a wall to be charged!

Hybrids actually run on a petrol motor as well as an electric motor that is powered by a battery. Because Hybrids have a petrol motor, the car still requires petrol to keep it going, it just uses less! And less fuel means fewer greenhouse gases being emitted into our atmosphere.

Myth #2: Hybrid cars are expensive.

Not true… anymore. The cost of a Hybrid compared to a petrol vehicle has decreased dramatically over the years. Depending on the make and model, you may only be looking at as little as an extra $1,000 to get yourself a Hybrid car! And when you think about the savings on petrol over the years, can you really afford not to go Hybrid?

 Myth #3: Hybrids are a new technology.

Not true. Toyota released the first petrol-hybrid model, the Prius, back in 1977! Over the last 20 years, Toyota has continued to be at the forefront of the industry, bringing a range of hybrid cars – Prius, Corolla Hybrid, Camry Hybrid, and in May 2019, the Australian market will finally see the All-New RAV4 Hybrid! This will soon be followed with the C-HR Hybrid and Yaris Hybrid!

 Myth #4: Hybrid vehicles aren’t good for ‘performance’.

Untrue. With all of the recent development in Hybrid cars, the latest Toyota hybrid models perform amazingly! Sure, they may not have quite as much grunt as a petrol model but unless you are a formula one driver, the everyday driver isn’t going to feel let down in the latest Hybrid models!

Myth #5: Hybrids require extra maintenance.

This is false. At Sunshine Toyota, our specially trained Technicians know exactly how to service all Hybrid vehicles just like they would any other vehicle. Hybrids should have reduced maintenance costs because the engine shuts down when the electric motor takes over at idle or low speeds. Of course, during regular maintenance checks, the battery should be checked. Toyota batteries come with an 8-year or 160,000 km warranty (whichever comes first). Like any car ‘part’ that needs replacing, our service advisors will notify you of this when the time comes. Don’t forget all new Toyota vehicles now come with 5-year manufacturer warranty so you can have peace of mind when choosing Hybrid!

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