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Sunshine Coast parenting problems you won’t have with a Kluger

Posted: 17/10/2017

Kluger, the SUV for families on the Sunshine Coast

Parenting, it isn’t the easiest job out there. And when you have a few children, things can tend to get a bit out of control at the best of times. We all know the painful story of getting the kids in and out of the plaza (or anywhere for that matter). So you need your vehicle to help you and make your life easier, not harder!

Finding the keys for your Kluger on the Sunshine Coast

The first step of getting into your car is often the hardest, finding those keys! We all know mums have bags like Mary Poppins; they have something for everything in there! So when it’s raining and you need to get your keys out quickly, or you just simply have your hands so full you keep dropping things, you now don’t need to worry about finding or even using your keys when you own a Kluger!

Kluger has a Smart Entry and Start system, which means as long as you have the key on you, you don’t need to use them to unlock, start, or lock your car! You can even open the boot without needing to use your key. So you can quickly and easily get the pram in the boot and children in their seats stress free. Let’s face it, the thought of that alone has made you relax!

Stopping your kids from arguing in your Kluger on the Sunshine Coast

"Mum, he is squishing me!" "Mum, I don’t want to sit in the middle!" "Mum, when will we get there?" War of the siblings during car rides is nothing new; we all went through it in our childhood. But now, long car rides are easier and quieter than ever. With three rows of seating, there is plenty of space for the kids to spread out away from each other. Plus, Kluger Grande has a 9" Rear Seat Entertainment system with a Blue Ray player! All you need is to find a movie they all want to watch!

Kluger, helping families get out and about on the Sunshine Coast

Family activities can be hard to manage with all the equipment, bags and the esky of food that you need just for a day out and about. This is probably why you would prefer to do the simpler ones. But that will change as the seating layout in a Kluger is so flexible you'll be able to carry multiple combinations of passengers and awkwardly shaped gear such as prams, surfboards or even pushbikes. The rear of the Kluger can offer you from 195L to 1171 L of cargo space! So just fold the seats down flat as required!

Kluger on the Sunshine Coast

If you are looking for a great SUV for the family, than a Kluger is where you need to be looking. You simply can’t go past it! If you would like to chat to one of our team about becoming a Kluger owner simply follow this link to test-drive today. If you would like to check out Sunshine Toyota’s current Kluger deals click here.

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