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The truth about down sizing to a Corolla on the Sunshine Coast

Posted: 5/01/2018

Why Mums want to downsize their vehicles on the Sunshine Coast 

So finally, all of the kids have left home or have cars of their own and you’re left with your SUV, which is way too big for one person. There is no longer the sound of your kids fighting in the back and you don’t need to be a sole transport system for of them and their friends. You finally have the option to do something for you. Go where you want to go, listen to the radio station you want to listen to and simplify your life. Downsizing can really be an upgrade in life! So here is the reality of downsizing from say a Prado to a Corolla on the Sunshine Coast.

Parking a Corolla on the Sunshine Coast

This aspect alone is enough to make my point. Parking a Corolla compared to parking a Prado is an absolute dream. In a Corolla you can practically zip into any tight park with no worries! In a Prado, if you want to actually get the door open and exit the vehicle (assuming you can even get into the park) you will need to suck it in and not breath while you slip slowly to the ground and slide from behind the door. You’d most likely find yourself driving around until you find a park with plenty of space. And we all know how tight those spots in the plaza car park are! Well that’s a problem of the past with a Corolla!

Washing your Corolla on the Sunshine Coast

We live on the Sunshine Coast and that means a lot of salt in the air. So you should be washing your car regularly. But have you tried to do a good wash on a SUV, it’s a two-hour ordeal! Doing the roof is a whole mission of its own, it’s seriously difficult. Especially when you have to do it on your own because the kids are now smart enough to know that “lets see who can do their side the cleanest” is just tricking them do housework. With a Corolla you can pretty much cut the time and effort in half! Not to mention half the amount of water so the environment is winning too.

Lower running costs for a Corolla on the Sunshine Coast

Not only is having a Corolla saving you frustration and time for parking and cleaning it, it actually costs a whole lot less to run it! Which saves your hard earned cash for something you really love. It is practically a free massage or manicure a week! The fuel economy of a Corolla compared to large SUVs is amazing. And the cost of servicing and maintenance is also dramatically reduced. So less time and money spent on your vehicles and more time and money spent on yourself because you deserve it!

Corolla on the Sunshine Coast

We love helping our guests find the right car for them, so if you are looking to become a Corolla owner come check out our full range of colours at Sunshine Toyota. Find out which colour suits your personality here. If you would like to chat to one of our team about becoming a Corolla owner simply follow this link to test-drive today. If you would like to check out Sunshine Toyota’s current Corolla deals click here.

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