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Top 5 HiLux Accessories for Sunshine Coast drivers!

Posted: 23/03/2022
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So, you have purchased your new Hilux, you love it, but you want that little bit extra, you want to personalise it to make it your perfect match! Accessories is the one-stop-shop to create your dream match, a car you would always swipe right on! Read along to find out about the top 5 HiLux accessories, to help you pick which accessories are the right fit for you and your HiLux!

1. Towbar

The towbar takes a thorough win at number 1 for the most popular accessory fitted to a HiLux and we all know why. The Toyota Genuine Tow bar set is built for the ideal HiLux driver and their lifestyles, tough and practical. The design of this accessory fits in perfectly with the rest of your vehicle while also ensuring the sturdy steel construction upholds an impressive towing capacity.

Hilux with Tow Bar at Sunshine Toyota on the Sunshine Coast

2. Tray Body Range

Customising trays is unsurprisingly high on HiLux driver’s accessory list, as this vehicle is a workhorse built for whatever lifestyle. A tradie who fills up the tray with heavy-duty loads such as bricks and rocks may prefer the steel tray body range over a driver with lighter loads who would fit the alloy tray. Whatever you’re using your ute for, there is a custom tray for you!

Hilux owner at Sunshine Toyota on the Sunshine Coast

3. Snorkel

Not only is it a great touch to the look of your HiLux, but the Toyota Genuine Snorkel is a necessity to make sure your ute upholds its ‘unbreakable’ reputation. The Snorkel provides cleaner air to the engine in polluted environments, while also maintaining optimal airflow and engine temperature.

Hilux with a Snorkel at Sunshine Toyota on the Sunshine Coast

4. Soft Tonneau Cover

The soft tonneau cover is a perfect fit for the HiLux driver who constantly has their tray filled! Whether it's driving with supplies to the job site or your bags with clothes for overnight stays on Fraser, you cannot go without this one! Not only does this accessory meet the expectation for quality, durability, and reliability, it’s fuss-free clip system allows for quick use unpacking, and packing up the tray when unexpected weather occurs.

Soft Tonneau Cover on a Hilux at Sunshine Toyota on the Sunshine Coast

5. Ute Tub Liner

Last but certainly not least, an essential for the HiLux driver who’s packing and unpacking their tub and needs that little extra protection from the wear and tear of everyday use. The sturdy insert provides protection in the tub and on the inside of the tailgate, maintaining the brand new look of you HiLux!

Tub liner on HiLux at Sunshine Toyota on the Sunshine Coast

Our HiLux range includes many more accessories! Click the button below and explore all we have to personalise your HiLux.

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