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We're a Community for the Community!

Posted: 14/01/2022
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Who are we?

We are friends and family, beachgoers, ‘Rice Boi’ enthusiasts, avid ‘Good-Bean’ coffee consumers, and Friday night Alex Surf Club attendees. We prefer a stroll along Cotton Tree over a visit to the city, watching our local Sunshine Coast Falcons play at Stockland over a trip to Suncorp Stadium, we are the community of Sunshine Toyota, the community of the Sunshine Coast.

Sunshine Coast Falcons on the Sunshine Coast at Sunshine Toyota

How do we get involved?

To us, our home, the Sunshine Coast, is what's most important and what’s held at the core of Sunshine Toyota. Family-owned and operated since 2001, our Dealer Principal, Darren Venning, has fostered a guest-centric, community-minded culture in the business that has become infectious amongst his staff. We cherish the tight-knit community that is our home and pride ourselves on giving back locally to our own. Sponsoring the Buderim Foundation, Alex Surf Club and Wishlist has been a way to encapsulate our values at heart and support these local organisations to grow and develop the wider Sunny Coast community.

Wishlist on the Sunshine Coast at Sunshine Toyota

We may not have any Greta Thunberg’s or Michael B. Jordan’s on our team, but we will always put up our hand to participate in community events like National School Tree Day with local schools and to sponsor local sporting organisations like the Sunshine Coast Grammar School Basketball Team. To us, it’s not just planting a tree or having our name on the back of a jersey, it’s a gateway for our team at Sunshine Toyota to be a part of the Coast’s ever-growing passionate culture and understand who the coast is and what the coast wants.

National Tree Day at Sunshine Toyota on the Sunshine Coast

How do our team live their coast' lives to the fullest?

Our core values to uphold a strong sense of community and be involved in all the Sunny Coast has to offer, extends far beyond the business into our team’s daily lives. Although we are massive foodies, when we aren’t devouring a Pizza at the wharf, you might find our team at the Sunny Coast stadium supporting the Falcons or down at Alex beach on a Sunday morning helping our kids smash their nipper session. We are certainly feelin’ good now!

Our Sunny Coast face: Lana Rogers!

Speaking of which, our locally based current Iron Woman champion Lana Rogers shares the same passion for feeling good, by living a healthy lifestyle and prioritizing wellbeing. Lana wholeheartedly represents our values and truly aligns with Sunshine Toyota’s community-driven culture, by being a solid mentor to Sunny Coast nippers coming through the ranks. Her presence in the community has assisted our vision to deliver the best experience for our guests on the Coast.

Lana Rodgers at Sunshine Toyota on the Sunshine Coast

We listen to the coast so we can deliver to the coast!

Delivering our ‘best in town’ experience delves much deeper than the high-quality products & services we offer. Being a strong part of the community drives our vision for understanding how we can best serve you, our local Sunny Coast guests when you come to visit us. We understand the surfer dad who packs his board in his car every morning to catch a wave at the Bluff before the kids wake up, may be looking at a Hilux or 70 series over a Corolla. Or the mum who needs to go seamlessly from school drop-off to a family-friendly Fraser Island getaway might be looking at a Prado or Landcruiser over a RAV4. We listen to the Coast so we can deliver to the Coast. 

C-HR Yaris GR Sport at Sunshine Toyota on the Sunshine Coast

So what are you waiting for? Head to the dealership today to see for yourself just how much you mean to us; we are a community for the community and we’re here for you Sunny Coast!

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