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What Your Toyota Says About You?

Posted: 24/09/2020
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Ever wonder what your Toyota says about your personality?

They say that dogs look like their owners, so surely it's not a huge stretch to say that the car you drive can say a lot about you and what you value! What if your car chose you instead? Our car preferences match who we are, what we value and how we want to be perceived by others.

If you're just beginning your journey to a new car, our Toyota Personality Guide is here to help! Check it out below...



Toyota Yaris - what does your Toyota say about your personality? Sunshine Toyota Blog


As a Yaris driver, you’re fun, active and charismatic. You enjoy the little things in life and believe that great things come in small packages (like your Yaris).  You can be found zipping around in your car, listening to your favourite Spotify playlist, discovering all the hidden gems that the Sunshine Coast has to offer. When you’re not out on an adventure, you’re playing sport, studying or hanging out with your friends. 


Toyota Corolla - what does your Toyota say about your personality? Sunshine Toyota Blog


As a Corolla driver, you’re stylish, trendy and modern.  You’re always the first to catch onto the latest trends and love staying connected through your phone even when you’re driving (and now you can thanks to Apple play and Android Auto). You enjoy travelling around the Sunshine Coast and abroad. You can tell because your Instagram is filled with pictures of your amazing travels. You’re the go-to photo editor and always manage to create Instagram influencer worthy photos. When you’re not travelling or keeping up with social media, you’re at your local shopping centre. You’re all about shopping till you drop.


Toyota CH-R - what does your Toyota say about your personality? Sunshine Toyota Blog


As a C-HR driver, you’re confident, friendly and you love life.  You ooze confidence wherever you go and you’re always making new friends. You live your life to the fullest and enjoy being surrounded by family and friends. You’re very optimistic, this coupled with your approachable and confident nature, makes it easy for you to make friends. You bring a positive vibe with you wherever you go and people love and appreciate you for it. You’re always making plans and enjoy being busy but you still appreciate a quiet moment to break up your hectic lifestyle.

If you think that the C-HR suits you, click here to find out more.


Toyota Camry - what does your Toyota say about your personality? Sunshine Toyota Blog


As a Camry driver, you’re intelligent, practical and thoughtful. You’re a thinker, not a feeler. You prefer logic and enjoy doing things that challenge your intellectual ability. You love planning ahead and probably have your calendar planned out well in advance. You purchase items based on their practicality, not their emotional benefit and are easily able to get rid of things you don’t need in your life. Although, you have logical traits; you’re very thoughtful and will always put in a lot of effort for friends, family and even strangers.


Toyota RAV4 - what does your Toyota say about your personality? Sunshine Toyota Blog


As a RAV4 driver, you’re loving, reliable and enjoy an active lifestyle. You absolutely love the life you live and all the people that are in it. Your weekends are normally spent keeping up with your kids, whether that be sports or play dates. You have a habit of being late but you’re always one of the first to RSVP for an event and you have a track record of always showing up. When you’re not running around after your kids, you can be found having some ‘you’ time, catching up on your favourite shows on Netflix or reading your favourite book.

If you’d like to read more about this ideal family car, click here.


Toyota HiLux - what does your Toyota say about your personality? Sunshine Toyota Blog


As a HiLux driver, you’re adventurous, resilient and hard working. You love the outdoors and adventure! During the week you can be found rising early in the morning and heading off to work hard but you’re always daydreaming about the weekend. On the weekend, you can be found camping with your friends or family, cruising along the beach or hunting down the best 4WD tracks on the Sunshine Coast. You enjoy the relaxed Coastal lifestyle and couldn’t imagine yourself living anywhere else. You’re able to deal with anything that life throws at you because you always believe that the glass is half full, not half empty.

If you’d like to read more about Sunshine Toyota’s Hilux range, click here.



As a Supra driver, you're highly social, influential and have strong opinions. You likely don’t have kids (or if you do, they've moved out of home!) and when it comes to the car you drive, good acceleration, power and speed are very important to you. You’re not cheap and are willing to pay more for higher performance and prefer convertibles; soccer mum cars are definitely not your first choice. You appreciate a little more control over what goes on in your car and don’t let passengers change the aircon and music, but you do allow pets and singing.

If you’d like to read more about Sunshine Toyota’s Supra range, click here.


Toyota Landcruiser - what does your Toyota say about your personality? Sunshine Toyota Blog

LandCruiser 200

As a LandCruiser 200 driver, you love to travel but also enjoy a relaxed lifestyle. You love travelling all around Australia but you’re a homebody at heart and always love coming back to the Sunshine Coast after a long road trip. You enjoy a relaxed lifestyle and don’t like to be rushed. You prefer to do things at your own pace whether that be on a holiday or in your work life. You’re a planner and like to have your holidays planned well in advance.  You have a lot of hobbies and enjoy keeping yourself busy when you’re not travelling.

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