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What career matches your Corolla on the Sunshine Coast?

Posted: 12/01/2018

What career matches your Corolla on the Sunshine Coast?

As your Corolla colour can say a lot about your personality, it can also say a lot about what kind of career you may have (or desire to have). So what does your Corolla colour say about your career?

Citrus Corolla owners are bright, energetic and like to think out of the box. Being in the spotlight or juggling numerous things at once doesn’t scare you. A career in the creative industry is right up your alley. Possibly a role in graphic design, advertising, media, music or the arts is where your eccentric flair will come alive the most. A busy role for a busy person.

Silver Corolla owners are smart, organised and like to keep things modern. This girl is always up to date with the latest tech. You know all your features in your Corolla and have your playlist or podcast planned out for each drive. A career in the business industry is where your exceptional planning and technology skills could do best. Like an accountant, administration, reception, HR, sales, or for those who have a bit of creative flair, possibly a marketing role.

Blue Corolla owners are happy, vibrant and most of all social. Being around people is your favourite way to spend the day and if you can help people while being paid then that’s a win! Busy roles that are people focused are where blue Corolla owners would get the most satisfaction. So a social type of role such as hospitality professional, schoolteacher, childcare teacher, psychologist or a career in retail sales may be the career for you.

Black Corolla drivers like to maintain a mysterious appearance that will catch admiring looks from others. A perfect combination of sophistication and style is the aim of the game for everything in life. No letting the ball drop, even if it is the colour choice of your new wheels. Black Corolla drivers may go well in the health or beauty industry. Jobs such as a hairdresser, beautician, personal trainer or even a tattooist may be the career calling for you.

White Corolla drivers are kind, reliable and smart. You work hard and definitely have a tendency to be a perfectionist, which is great. That got you where you are now! You are very technology savvy and have your phone and smart watch connected to your Corolla so you can control everything at the push of a button. A potential career for a white Corolla driver could be in the technology industry. Perhaps IT, website development, gamer, electronic technician or some kind of a gadget expert role.

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