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What do HiLux Runout Deals mean?

Posted: 19/05/2020
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It’s that time of year, the runout deals have begun! Dealerships are advertising their Runout deals on cars but what does the term Runout actually mean? We’re here to tell you exactly what it means so you don’t miss out on any of the great runout offers we have at Sunshine Toyota.

What does HiLux Runout Mean?

Runout sales are what dealerships use to move last year’s stock and make room for new models coming in. It’s kind of like when you buy clothes that were “last season” but everyone you see on the streets is still wearing those styles and colours. Just because it’s labeled last season, doesn’t mean it is yet.  

Why should I buy a Runout Toyota?

Runout models are brand new cars that could have been built only a month ago. They have the same warranty and capped price servicing of new vehicles. The only differences between a new model and a runout Toyota are a change in body shape and potentially a few extra features and accessories (at a much higher price).  So if you want a vehicle that is fairly current, packed with features, and at a reasonable price then a Runout Toyota is the vehicle for you!

Should I wait for the new model to come out?

Runout models are readily available to test drive and purchase and have minor differences when compared to the newer model. Unless you’re looking for a vehicle with the latest technology no matter the cost then no! There’s no need to wait for a new model.

What Runout Deals does Sunshine Toyota Have?

Currently, Sunshine Toyota is offering great run out deals on HiLux, Australia’s number one selling vehicle! Stylish, durable, and versatile, It’s easy to see why Sunshine Coast locals love this car. Whether you’re taking a family trip to the beach or going 4x4 driving, HiLux ensures you’ll have adventures that last a lifetime. Check out our deals here. 

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