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What you’re entitled to and what you can save when buying a company car

Posted: 27/03/2018
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Company vehicles for small businesses on the Sunshine Coast

A lot of small to medium businesses on the Sunshine Coast have to use their cars everyday for work. But a lot of new small business owners don’t really understand how buying a new company vehicle can save them thousands. As an ABN holder, you are entitled to certain benefits, which are worth knowing about. So what are they?

Claiming your company vehicle on Tax

Dose your business have an ABN? Yes? Then you should be able to claim a percentage of the price you paid for your new company vehicle, provided you have a tax invoice, which could save you thousands! This doesn’t only apply to tradies commercial vehicles such as a HiLux or HiAce; it applies to ALL business owners, including small home businesses. So if you have a business that requires you to travel and use a vehicle as a means to operate the business, then you should be claiming your new vehicle on tax.

Business Fleet discounts on the Sunshine Coast

A lot of small and medium businesses don’t realise that you don’t need to purchase a large number of vehicles to get fleet benefits, which again can save you big bucks. If your small business has an ABN, you automatically receive our Bronze Fleet discounts; if you have over 5 vehicles in your fleet and purchase two vehicles per annum you receive our Silver Fleet Discounts; if you have over 50 vehicles or purchase 15 or more per annum you receive our Gold Fleet discounts.

If your business is a part of an approved association, then you are automatically entitled to Gold Fleet discounts even if you only purchase one vehicle! Approved associations include:

  • The Master Builders Association of Queensland
  • The Master Plumbers' Association of Queensland, or
  • Housing Industry Association (HIA)
  • Club Clipsal (paid members)
  • Agforce (paid members)

Benefits of a new company vehicle on the Sunshine Coast

Having a new vehicle can save you thousands in servicing and running mechanical costs. Firstly, when purchasing a new vehicle from Sunshine Toyota, you get the Toyota Service Advantage. This means your vehicle has capped price servicing (logbook service costs are set at one low price) for a set period of time and kilometres, depending on your vehicle model. We also have dedicated loan vehicles for fleet guests, which can be booked through our fleet specialist.

You also get piece of mind with Toyota’s New Car Manufacturers Warranty. Because Toyota’s are built to exceptional standards, your new Toyota comes with a 3-year/100,000km warranty.

Resale value of your company vehicle on the Sunshine Coast

An important factor to consider when choosing a new vehicle or fleet is the resale value. A lot of the whole-life cost of your vehicle can be reduced if the resale value is high. For instance a diesel HiLux or HiAce will keep a higher resale value than cheaper option vehicles as you can guarantee the quality of each individual part remaining high.

Another way to ensure your vehicle has a good resale value is Toyota Access. With Toyota Access, at the time of purchasing your vehicle, you choose your term (up to four years) and number of kilometres you expect to travel over the term, and secure a guaranteed future sale value of your vehicle if you choose to sell it back to Toyota.

Toyota Fleets for small businesses on the Sunshine Coast

Whether you’re a small business owner or a medium to large business owner, the Fleet team at Sunshine Toyota can confidently tailor a package to suit your fleet requirements and are on-hand to advise and assist you every step of the way. If you would like to chat to our fleet specialist Scott McGuigan, click here. To check out or fleet options click here

Just some of Sunshine Toyota on the Sunshine Coast's advantages:

  • Toyota Access
  • Toyota Genuine Parts
  • Toyota Certified Advantage
  • Toyota Insurance Advantage
  • Toyota Fleet Specialist