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Which colour in the All-New Corolla range best suits your personality

Posted: 21/12/2018

If you've ever bought a car, there's a good chance the colour played a role in your decision. Most of us already have an idea of what colour we want before we even choose the car. It is a known fact that choice of colo­ur tells a lot about our personalities. Everyone knows the age-old stereotypes about certain colours and the all-new Corolla’s have a fresh new range of colours, so lets look at what the All-New Corolla colours say about your personality.

Eclectic Blue

Let’s just say, you’re not shy… You have happy and out there personality but you don’t take life too seriously! The colour blue reflects happiness and you truly believe that. You’re favourite thing to do is cruise up David Low Way with the windows down and the sea breeze blowing in your hair. Singing at the top of your lungs, you don’t care who sees you. With your free spirit personality, you would be most likely to upgrade to a Hybrid Corolla.

Volcanic Red

You’re straight-up fire and a confident sass ball.  You’re happy to stand out and kinda enjoy the attention. And yes, you truly believe that your Corolla goes faster than everyone else’s because it’s red. Your mind is at ease knowing that the All-New Corolla is fitted with the latest Toyota Safety Sense features including Road Sign Assist that is designed to recognise Australian speed signs and alert it’s time change your speed. You love your new Corolla! 

Oxide Bronze

You’re an individual who dares to be different but is trendy and sophisticated at the same time. Your idea of a perfect day is jumping in the car and heading to Brisbane for a day of shopping and then dinner and drinks with friends. You’re the type of person who can’t wait to get a hold of the latest tech and thinks that the wireless charging feature in the Corolla ZR is the best thing EVER!!!

Glacier White

If you drive a white car, you're probably someone who values the simple things in life above all else.  You are motivated to achieve success but the meaning of success to you isn’t only a successful career, it is also having an easy and balanced life. Your phone is always connected to your Corolla’s Bluetooth, as you can’t live without your daily dose motivation and wisdom from your favourite lifestyle podcasts.

Peacock Blue

This Corolla is dark and mysterious. You’re a night cruiser and enjoy heading up the Maleny range to check out the lights. You also can’t get enough of the ambient illumination inside your Corolla which makes you feel like rockstar. You’re not a huge fan of local Sunshine Coast radio… Bluetooth and a cool playlist are more your thing! 

Eclipse Black

You’re a sophisticated and seriously cool individual who likes the finer things in life. You only have to take one look at the sleek new exterior design of the Corolla and also the thoughtfully crafted interior and, you’re in love! The newly designed front seats hold firm, created to help minimise stress and heighten your overall comfort. Being the sophisticated person that you are, you’ve most likely opted for the ZR model as you have the choice of red or black leather accented seats.  Let’s just say, you like to be comfortable and look good at the same time.

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