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Why You Need To Change Your Pollen Filter This Spring!

Posted: 20/09/2021
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Are you prone to hay fever? Is your car's aircon starting to smell a bit stale? Want a breath of fresh air whilst driving? A pollen filter is what you need!

What is the purpose of a pollen filter?

The pollen filter is not the most exciting feature of your car but is an important one. The job of a pollen filter is to capture pollen, dirt, dust, external fumes, and any other airborne materials that could get into the cabin of your car. It is solely protecting you from inhaling unwanted airborne materials whilst in the car. Coming into Spring, pollen and allergens are more prominent, making people with a condition like asthma or hay fever more susceptible to reacting. A fresh pollen filter will make sure your car is a safe place to breathe some fresh air!

Why change your pollen filter?

Other than creating fresh air in the cabin of your car for you and your passengers, it will also improve the flow and function of your air conditioning system! Over time your pollen filter will create a build-up of dust and car fumes but can also have things such as twigs and leaves stuck in it. Which, prevents your pollen filter from working as it should, and could mean your car will become smelly and mouldy. When the pollen filter is not changed, it can also potentially cause damage to your Air Conditioning system by putting unnecessary strain on it.

When to change your pollen filter:

  1. If a dirty or mouldy smell is coming from the vents
  2. Poor airflow is coming from the vents
  3. Increased symptoms from someone with allergies or asthma while in your car
  4. You have not changed it for more than 2 years (especially if driving in high traffic areas regularly or on dirt roads)

Replacing the Pollen Filter in your car is a simple but important job to be done. Our qualified technicians can identify when your pollen filter needs replacing and correctly replace it with a new Toyota genuine filter.


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