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Why the Rav4 is the SUV for Small Families on the Sunshine Coast

Posted: 6/07/2018

If you’re in the market for a new SUV for you and your little fam. We are here to tell you that you don’t have to look any further. Twenty years ago, the RAV4 seemed to be the car for the 90s gym junkies and beachgoers. Since then the RAV4 has had a stylish transformation and comes with clever upgrades making it perfect for busy mums and their families.

Plenty of room for the little grommets and their “stuff”

Small car owners know that when it comes to transporting a growing family, it’s pretty much impossible to fit all the “stuff” that comes with them. When it comes to smaller cars, the struggle is so real at times that you need two cars for the job. If this sounds a bit like your current situation, it might be time for an upgrade. But don’t let the term SUV scare you off because the Rav4 is on the smaller scale of SUVs. So, whether it’s prams, bikes, sporting equipment and surfboards, the RAV4 allows you to fit it all in and still have plenty of room for the passengers of course.

Smart start entry and power back door

How annoying is it when your arms are full of groceries and you have to put them all down just to find the key to open your boot. We all know we say we’re just going in for one item at the supermarket but end up coming out with arms full. The RAV4 Cruiser models come with a power back door feature that will be your best friend when you’ve got your hands full of groceries. It’s as easy as the push of the button activated by the smart key. Talk about convenience! If you don’t need the boot, then all you need to do is leave the key in your bag and the car will automatically unlock and allow you to start it without even touching the key!

Parking your Rav4 on the Sunshine Coast is easy-peasy

Most mums with kids are kept pretty busy running errands and being a chauffeur. Sometimes it’s nice to take some time out for yourself... Maybe with some retail therapy. The RAV4 is fully equipped with features such as Electric Power Steering (EPS), reverse camera and parking sensors to make those trips to the busy Sunshine Plaza car park stress-free.

Safety comes first!

There is a lot going on in a family car and getting momentarily distracted is common, but it can also be dangerous. The RAV4 will keep your family safe on the road with Toyota Safety Sense features such as Lane Departure Alert, Pre-Collision Safety system and Active Cruise Control. These safety features will:

  • Stop you from accidentally entering into another lane
  • Monitor your blind spot
  • Alert you of upcoming threats
  • Keep a constant distance between vehicles while using cruise control

RAV4 on the Sunshine Coast

If you are looking for a great SUV for the family, then a RAV4 is where you need to be looking. You simply can’t go past it! If you would like to chat to one of our team about becoming a RAV4 owner simply book a test-drive today. If you would like to check out Sunshine Toyota’s current RAV4 deals click here.

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