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10 Fun Facts About Toyota LandCruiser

Posted: 6/10/2021

To celebrate the history of the LandCruiser and it's evolution into the LC300 today, we thought we would share some fun facts with you about the King of the Road over the years!

1. The LandCruiser was originally nicknamed the ‘Toyota BJ’. Built in 1951 it was quickly named the Toyota Jeep, but thanks to its B-type engine and the original name, the nickname BJ stuck…  The Land Cruiser has also had the nicknames, “Moose,” “Pig,” and “Iron Pig” over the years.

Source: CarAdvice

2. The record for the longest drive of all time was done in a LandCruiser by Emil and Liliana Schmid – traveling 741,065 Kms over 30 years... and still counting!

Source: Guinness World Records

3. The LandCruiser got 1st & 2nd at the 1996 Dakar (Unmodified Diesel Class) which is the most grueling rally in the world, by traveling 8497Kms over 15 days.

Source: Toyota UK Magazine

4. The Japanese police were the first-ever customer of the LandCruiser, adopting it as their patrol car in 1951!

Source: Toyota Parts Center

5. Japanese government specifically told Toyota to make sure the Land Cruiser looked nothing like the American Jeep

Source: The News Wheel

6. The original price of the LandCruiser was $2930!

Source: MyAutoWorld.com

7. It took 30 years to sell the first 1 million LandCruisers globally (1981), and only 9 more years to sell the 2nd million (1990).

Source: John Hughes

8. In-dash CD players were first introduced to cars in 1985 but the LandCruiser only added theirs in 1993. Songs you likely listened to then were….I Would Do Anything For Love by Meatloaf, I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston & You Don’t Treat Me No Good by Sonia Dada

9. The LandCruiser is Toyota’s longest-running nameplate!

10. The original AK10 prototype was a 2-seater. The 2016 Land Cruiser easily fits 8. How’s that for an upgrade?

Source: Toyota Motor Corporation Official Global Website

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