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How to Find the Right Car for You

Posted: 21/01/2021
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When you’re purchasing a new vehicle it’s important that you’re buying a car that’s going to suit all your needs. The features, drive, interior, exterior and safety of a car are all important elements that need to suit you and your lifestyle.


Do you love technology and enjoy staying connected but always find yourself with a flat phone battery? You’ll need features that will charge your phone and help you stay connected. You should be looking for a wireless charging dock, a coloured touchscreen and apple car play or android auto.

Always find yourself with your hands full and struggling to get the car boot or door open? Keep your eye out for a car with an automatic boot and keyless entry. You'll never have to worry about struggling to find your keys again. 

Are you always driving around the city, getting lost in the busy streets and squeeze yourself into tiny parking spots? A car with inbuilt navigation will help you navigate through the city streets without getting lost and a reverse camera will help you squeeze into the tight street parking.

Do you enjoy going on road trips and find yourself spending a lot of time in the car? A car with radar cruise control will help take the load off long journeys and road sign assist will make sure that you’re always paying attention to the road signs and adjusting your speed.

Is fuel economy an important factor for you when buying a car? Think about opting for a hybrid instead of a petrol model. Toyota are world leaders in Hybrid technology and have Hybrids in their RAV4, Camry, Corolla, Yaris Cross and  C-HR models!

Learn more about Hybrids, here!


Do you love four-wheel driving? Whether you’re driving along the beach or off-road, you’ll need a car with 4WD capacity to handle tough terrain.

Prefer driving around the city and coastal streets? 4WD may not be what you’re looking for instead look out for 2WD or AWD vehicles.

Interior/Comfort/ storage:

It’s important to be comfortable when you’re driving and your car’s interior is essential when it comes to driver and passenger comfort.

Enjoy having a monthly road trip with your family? You’ll need a car with a big boot space to pack all your road trip essentials and enough seats to fit you and your entire family comfortably.  

The Australian heat can be sweltering especially on long road trips when the air conditioner doesn’t quite hit the right spots in the back, but you can beat the backseat heat with backseat air-conditioning.

Like road trip snacks? Find a car with a refrigerated glove box, its the perfect place to store all your car snacks. It’ll keep everything cold and fresh so you’ll be able to have a snack wherever you go.

Want to give your car a luxurious feel? Opt for leather seats. Leather seats will give your car the lush feel you’re looking for (and they’re very stain resistant).


The look and shape of a car are important for every buyer, you need to love the look of the car. Colours, shapes and sizes vary so its important to find the right fit for you.

Want a car that can fit your family and your gear in the back? You’ll need a larger car, a RAV4, Fortuner or Kluger would suit your needs best. With a spacious inside and a large boot, you’ll have all the space you and your family needs to road trip comfortably.

Looking for a car that can zip around the coast and city streets? A smaller car is the car for you, a Corolla, C-HR, Yaris or Yaris Cross would be able to smoothly navigate the streets and squeeze into small parking spaces. If you’re indecisive about colour, don’t worry both the C-HR and Corolla come in two-tone. 

Enjoy living an adventurous lifestyle, packed with weekend beach or off-roading trips with your mates or family? A HiLux, Prado or Landcruiser would suit you best; these larger models are made for adventures and can take on any terrain you throw at them.

Need some help looking for a car that suits you and your lifestyle?  Give us a call on 5493 3900 or drop in and our team will be happy to help you out!

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