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Will we all fit? The All-New Toyota Kluger

Posted: 9/08/2021
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A question you will never have to ask when you own a Toyota Kluger. The All-New Kluger is now bigger, more powerful, more fuel efficienct and is smarter than ever before.

Kluger Boot Space

Having enough space is priority for most when upgrading the family car, and is usually the first question that comes from our guests, swiftly followed by them opening the boot to check. With 552 litres of boot space (or in human terms 184 3L milk bottles), you’ll have enough room for a pram, a soccer ball, the weekly shopping and some shoes for those just in case moments. With the all-new Kluger, you will always have enough room for your tribe.


Kluger's Top Road Trip Features

When on the go, what’s more frustrating? Not having enough water bottle holders? Or drink holders being too small fit anything? Well with the all-new Kluger you’ll have no need to worry about either! Featuring 14 drink holders, everyone from grandpa to the kids will be happy & the only thing you will need to think about is where the next pitstop is. To continue the comfort, the Kluger Grande features an optional 9” screen with Blu-ray player, so you can entertain the kids (or kids at heart) making any road trip utter bliss.

What Would You Choose? Kluger Petrol or Kluger Hybrid?

In general, when we think about large family SUV’s, the first thing that come to mind is the expense, as they often come with high maintenance & registration costs and are often times fuel guzzlers, its no wonder we have our reservations. But that’s not a concern when it comes to the all-new Kluger, now available in 2 engine options, petrol & hybrid. You have full flexibility on where your money is going and peace of mind knowing that you’re doing your part for the environment.

In fact with the average fuel consumption of a passenger vehicle being 11.1L/100km and us Aussies traveling approximately 13,301km per year, it’s clear that we spend a lot of time on the road and fueling up (Budget Direct, 2020).

Do your Kluger petrol and hybrid comparison here:

Kluger Petrol 2WD

  • 3.5L V6 engine
  • 218kW 
  • 350Nm 
  • 8.7L/100km
  • 5 years of Toyota Service Advantage 
    • Capped at $250 per service
    • Yearly or 15,000km

Kluger Petrol AWD

  • 3.5L V6 engine
  • 218kW 
  • 350Nm 
  • 8.8L/100km
  • 5 years of Toyota Service Advantage 
    • Capped at $250 per service
    • Yearly or 15,000km

Kluger Hybrid AWD

  • 2.5L 4 cylinder engine + lithium-ion battery
  • 142kW
  • 242Nm
  • 5.6L/100km
  • 5 years of Toyota Service Advantage 
    • Capped at $250 per service
    • Yearly or 15,000km


The all-new 2.5L hybrid option offers an amazing 5.6L/100km average fuel consumption with little compromise to power. Which means you’ll halve your time spent at the bowser and have more time making memories on the road. And the savings don’t stop there, the 2021 Kluger has the same registration cost as a Corolla and the first 5 services are capped at $250, the Kluger is breaking the mould when it comes to costs traditionally expected with a large SUV.

So, whether you need to upgrade the family car or your current SUV is costing an arm & a leg, come on in and experience the all-new Kluger, and do yourself (and your wallet) a favour. Stop asking “will we all fit?” & start asking about the all-new Kluger.

If you’re new to Hybrid vehicles or just want to learn more about our Hybrid Range, check out this link https://sunshinetoyota.com.au/hybrids

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